Our motivation

At Ram Ratna International School (RRIS) we pursue education with a strong commitment to nourish the intellectual, moral and social growth of all students. We focus on creating an environment that supports and empowers the students to learn new skills, gain knowledge and achieve success in life. The combination of the Cambridge International approach, multidisciplinary teaching methods and value driven philosophy along with a great teaching staff allow the students to excel both academically and personally. We place great emphasis on technology and communication for learning. Beyond our capabilities we draw our energy and motivation from the feedback and motivational words of our students, parents and employees. These words mean a lot to us and are crucial to our pursuit of excellence in line with our vision and mission.   


At RRIS we have our own culture based on shared values for students, parents, faculty and staff. We set a positive example for our students so that they grow in a productive learning environment. We encourage responsibility, productivity, respect and our students reciprocate the same with utmost admiration for school. It is their belief in RRIS that has cemented our image as one of the leading schools in the region. 


We offer effective channels of communication to get parents onboard for helping us to build strong relationships with students. Their feedback, suggestions and appreciation encourage teachers and staff who are involved with their child’s learning and progress. We take parents’ views on a regular basis and their constant support is a motivating factor in RRIS’ overall success. 

Here we share parents’ views about RRIS publishing their kind words verbatim. 

Thanks mam for the maths and ict..I have not even explain him the question paper .. he read question by himself and ans the question with confidence without looking at the option.. this possible just because of your teaching.. thanks 🙏.. I m not worried about his marks .. I always want that he understands what he is reading.. thank u mam🙏
Mrs Bhoir
Nidhish's Mom

Ms Savita Chauhan – Mother of Drisana (Grade 9) and Dakshesh (Grade 5) writes to the Principal of RRIS. 


Namaste Ma’am,


Before stepping up to the new academic year, let us open up the hearts about the past one. Academic year 2020-21, the most challenging and experimental year which set new parameters for all , be a student,an educator or a parent. But with the grace of God our journey was very comfortable and successful. You know why and how? Yes, coz we are part of RRIS family. Under your leadership our kids could achieve what some others could not even think about. But here I am not talking about you alone, but wish to express my gratitude towards the entire faculty , admin ,IT personal and every individual who was active during these hard times..

Especially our beloved teachers. I must say their classrooms are an eye-opener to us- so called Parents. During this one year we have witnessed their hard work and learned immensely from them – especially the patience. The way they handle the bunch of the notorious,over energetic kids is noteworthy. At those times, we sitting at home used to feel like shouting at them, but the teacher….oh she is smiling and answering their queries one after another. Warning to stop mischiefs…that to with a smiling face. Wow!!!!

Apart from students, they have always been cooperative and supportive to the parents too. Time was never an issue for them. Round the clock they are ready to reply and guide.

Hats off to RRIS Team

Here a special mention for everyone’s beloved our respected Greig Sir. His efforts as a teacher and COD are incredible. 

His love towards his students is ethereal.

Adding on Ms.Sharon has proved the saying – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover true.My first impression of her was – How a doll like lady would control the class of 27 bundls of mischief ? I should say that her classes have been the most disciplined ones.

I should take this opportunity to thank Nisha Ma’am for listening to parents opinion and working over it.


Now coming to secondary I am gobsmacked.What is new about them, they have become a constant in our life.

It feels like something is missing,we know Priyanka Ma’am was , is and will be the part of RRIS family, but her presence will be  dearly missed. She may be miles away byet she will have a special place in our hearts.

I would like to even mention that even when the school went online the CCA activities were not stopped . Kudos to CCA team.


The line goes on … If I try to write about every single soul then probably I will write a thesis.


  A Heartfelt Gratitude to RRIS Team