Our motivation

At Ram Ratna International School (RRIS) we pursue education with a strong commitment to nourish the intellectual, moral and social growth of all students. We focus on creating an environment that supports and empowers the students to learn new skills, gain knowledge and achieve success in life. The combination of the Cambridge International approach, multidisciplinary teaching methods and value driven philosophy along with a great teaching staff allow the students to excel both academically and personally. We place great emphasis on technology and communication for learning. Beyond our capabilities we draw our energy and motivation from the feedback and motivational words of our students, parents and employees. These words mean a lot to us and are crucial to our pursuit of excellence in line with our vision and mission.   


At RRIS we have our own culture based on shared values for students, parents, faculty and staff. We set a positive example for our students so that they grow in a productive learning environment. We encourage responsibility, productivity, respect and our students reciprocate the same with utmost admiration for school. It is their belief in RRIS that has cemented our image as one of the leading schools in the region. 


We offer effective channels of communication to get parents onboard for helping us to build strong relationships with students. Their feedback, suggestions and appreciation encourage teachers and staff who are involved with their child’s learning and progress. We take parents’ views on a regular basis and their constant support is an indicator of RRIS’ overall success.

Thanks mam for the maths and ict..I have not even explain him the question paper .. he read question by himself and ans the question with confidence without looking at the option.. this possible just because of your teaching.. thanks 🙏.. I m not worried about his marks .. I always want that he understands what he is reading.. thank u mam🙏
Mrs Bhoir
Nidhish's Mom