Aadharshila Talks

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Aadharshila Talks @ RRIS is a personal and professional development platform for educators, education professionals and the education community to learn from the most renowned and respected people from diverse walks of life. Register to get regular invites, updates and recordings of the latest Aadharshila Talks.  



Aadharshila Talks @ RRIS is a platform for intellectuals from diverse spheres of knowledge to share their insightful ideas of intellect to fuel thought, conversation and action of the minds of our audience. Fostering ideas that relevant and, radically different to enrich the minds of our audiences is the objective of Aadharshila. 

We strive to bring the most accomplished and inspiring speakers to spread the light of continuous learning and development among educators, teachers, administrators, students and parents. 

RRIS envisions Aadharshila as a platform for giving back to the community and stakeholders that keep us motivated. Register for the and invite your friends, peers, family to register for these sessions or subscribe to our Youtube channel – Ram Ratna International School Official.

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Nominating a speaker is a simple process. Just fill in the form for nominating the speaker. Once we receive the nomination, we will review the nomination and contact the speaker for their availability and other information. Once finalized their talk will be scheduled in due course. Keep following Aadharshila Talks at RRIS.