We follow an extremely simple and transparent admission process to make it easy for on boarding the child at RRIS keeping in mind the convenience of the parents. 

Any child who is 3 years of age as of 30th October is eligible to apply for admission at RRIS. 

We follow the Cambridge International Curriculum which is acknowledged by the education department and Government of India. 

We at RRIS follow a simple and transparent fee structure in line with the best educational institutions in the region. You can explore details of our fee structure here

For the convenience of parents, fee payment schedule is quarterly. For specific details you can check out our fee structure document or speak to our PRO. 

We understand that siblings do well together and complement each other in learning. You can reach out to us for admission enquiry and our PRO will be able to explain the sibling discount to you. 

The school timings are 7.45 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday and 8.20 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. The school is closed on Sundays and the fourth Saturday of the month. You can download our RRIS Happy School calendar for reference of holidays. 

The security deposit is mandatory requirement to safeguard the school against any potential damage that may be caused and mandatory for all students. 

Fees can be paid by cheque or demand drafts. Bank transfer can be made for NEFT or IMPS. Parents can also pay online using credit or debit cards. However no cash payments will be accepted under any circumstances.

In addition to sports like Skating, Taekwondo, Swimming, Football, Volleyball and Cricket, RRIS students are also exposed to several other activities like Reading Club, MUN, TedEd. 

RRIS students have the basic language set of English and Hindi. They also have additional option to choose languages like Marathi, French and Sanskrit. 

The teacher student ratio in our classrooms is 1:23. 

Parents are welcome to visit the campus anytime during school days with prior appointment. 

No, as of now RRIS does not provide boarding facility however RRVM our sister school has boarding facility. 

Cambridge International is an accepted as an international certification globally. While many of our alumni have gotten into traditional courses like MBBS, MBA, many of them have also pursued higher education at international universities.