Important information


Important Notes:
* I and II quarters :- No increase in the tuition fee (same as the current year discounted fee 2020-21)
* III and IV quarters :- 7.5% increase in the tuition fee on the current year discounted fee 2020-21)
* All the other fee heads :- Same increase as in tuition fee.
* Bus fee increase 7.5% on 2019-20 fees. Bus and Meal are optional facilities and fees for the same will be charged on monthly basis as per the fee structure mentioned above, once the school reopens and if the parents opt for it
*There is a reduction of Rs. 4,000/- for full year, i.e Rs.1,000/- per quarter in the bus fee for all the stops upto Bhayander (West).
* PDIP refers to Physical Development Intensive Program.
* Fees do not include the cost of the following items. Rate list for the same will be provided shortly.
1) Text Books 2) Note Books 3) Additional Academic Programs 4) School & Sports Uniform 5)School Blazer 6) Taekwondo Uniform 7) Skates.
* If any excess amount paid in the academic session 2020-21, will be adjusted in the next installment.
* The last date for deposition of fee of the four quarters will be in the order: I) 15th April 2021. II)20th June 2021, III)20th September 2021. IV) 20th December, 2021 .
* Fees do not include Checkpoint (for grade VIII) and IGCSE exam fees (for grade X). It will be charged on the actuals as applicable at the time of registration for these exams.
* Fees do not include cost of Stationery, Uniform, blazer, out door trips, external competitions and exams (Olympiad, Robotics, MaRRS Play 2 Learn Carnival, Akhil Bhartiya NagrikVikas Kendra, etc. and additional educational programs (Mindspark, Eureka, Helen O’ Grady, Taekwondo Belt Exam, Skating Association Exam, MET Magazine, NIE Magazine, etc.)
* All payments made directly in the school office will be accepted through cheques only.
* Cash & Non-CTS cheques are not accepted.
* The fees can be deposited in any branch of IDBI Bank, however it is mandatory to submit the photocopy of the payment receipt in the school office.
* A fine of Rs.500/- will be charged in case the cheque is bounced.