1st Topper at the AS Level Aryan Agrawal

The stillness of air in a house in Mumbai turned into a bang of celebrations, when Aryan Agarwal, realized that he has been the 1st Topper at the AS Level in Ram Ratna International School.

His journey for this achievement shows that one doesn’t needs to be fed from a silver spoon to make something big. Aryan didn’t let his outside circumstances deter in achieving his goals.

Aryan was a meritorious and bright student. Being a topper at the Ram Ratna International School his teachers have gone ahead & said that “Aryan has an insatiable zest for learning.” Indeed true.

We at Ram Ratna International heartily congratulate you on your exceptional achievement! Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off, paving the way for success in four subjects. Keep striving for excellence, as the journey of learning is just beginning.