Fee Payment Instructions


Log in

To log in to your fee payment account, click on the ‘Log in link’ under the quick links section. 

On this page log in with your child’s rrischool.org email id and password. Click on the log in button. 

In case you don’t remember your password you can reset your password. 

Check out the reset your password instructions page to know how to do it. 

https://rrischool.org/dashboard/Once you are logged in, you will see different buttons to access different areas of your account.

Click on the make payment button to go the to payment dashboard page. 

The payment dashboard page is the page where you will see important payment timelines and links for making fee payments. 

Click on make payment
Payment timelines

On the top section, you will see the payment timelines for the quarterly fee payments. Please keep a track of the timelines and pay before the due date to avoid any late payment charges. 

Scroll down to see more details. 

Book Fees Payments

As you scroll below, you will see links for book payments and links for fee payments for different grades. 

For book fees payments. please click on the relevant button to go to the payment page. 

Book fee payment links
Fee payment button

Below the book fees payments are the links for the quarterly fees payment section. Click on the quarter for which you want to pay the fees of your child. Be mindful to click the button in the respective section of your child’s grade.

Clicking it will take you to the fee details page 


For book fees payment click only the grade for which you want to order the books. Do not add other grades books (refer to the first screenshot here). 

Once you see the view cart link below the add to cart button,
it indicates the add to cart is successful.

Click on any of the view cart link to proceed (refer to the second screenshot here). 


On the fee details page, simply click on the add to cart button for the respective fee head you want to make the payment for. 

For school fees payment click add to cart for all the heads for that quarter on that page (refer to the first screenshot here). Incomplete payments will incur late payment fees. 

Once you see the view cart link below the add to cart button,
it indicates the add to cart is successful.

Click on any of the view cart link to proceed to the next step (refer to the second screenshot here). 

On the view cart page, check the fee heads added to the cart for payment. Make sure the quantity for each head is 1 to avoid any double payment. Review the amount for the respective head. 

Verify the subtotal and total and click on the proceed button to continue to the checkout page. 

When you reach the check out page you will be required to enter student details only when doing it for the first time. Please enter the details carefully and accurately

Make sure you add the student name in the name fields and the student’s GR number in the order notes field. 

When you do it the next time, the name and address details will show up automatically

In case you need to edit your details anytime you can do it on the my details page


At the bottom of the checkout page, you will be able to see your payment details. Verify if everything is correct and click on the pay fees button

Once you click, you will be redirected to the secure 128-bit encryption payment gateway

On the payment gateway page, verify the merchant name on top of the page as Ram Ratna International School and the amount you would be paying (refer to the screenshots). 

If it shows anything else, do not make payment and bring it to the notice of the office team immediately. 

If all is okay, click on cards to open the detailed view. Once the detailed view opens up enter your card details with the proper expiry date and the CVV number (secret 3 digit code on the back of your card). 

Once you have entered your card details click on the pay button to finalize your payment. This will take you to the OTP page.

Please remember that no one from the school will ask for any card information from you like your card number, card expiry date, 3 digit CVV at the back of your card or your OTP. In case you face this situation bring it to the attention of the school but never give out these information. 

If we ever need information, the office team may ask you for the transaction id which you will receive after completion of the payment. 

Bank OTP page

The bank OTP page is the final step of your fee payment. Before entering the OTP, just double check the merchant name showing on top as Ram Ratna International School and re-verify the amount being paid.  

Once sure, enter your OTP sent by your card issuing bank on your registered email id / mobile number in the OTP field and click on the submit OTP button

Do not leave the page midway, let it load completely for the payment process to be completed and only leave the page when you are redirected to the rrischool.org website payment confirmation page

Once the payment is successful, you will be redirected to the confirmation page on the rrischool.org website with the details of your payment. Just double check the fee heads and the amount to be sure. 

In case of any discrepancy you can write to office@rrischool.org with the details. 

All payments are tracked in real time and get credited to our bank account in 24-48 hours. Once the payment reflects in the account, receipt for your payment will be issued by the office team. 

Confirmation page